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Caltech Recreation Supervision of Minors

Safety of minors, children under the age of 18, is an important concern at Caltech and at our facility in particular.  See the Caltech website,  General supervision of minors is one way to address their safety.   It is expected that parents will supervise minors at all times and in the following ways while at the Athletic Center.


***Children 12 years of age and under must be directly supervised by their parent or guardian at all times in all facilities.***  This means that the parent must be in direct sight and control of the child at all times, track, pool, gym, exercise areas, locker rooms etc.  If a child is waiting for a parent to exercise, the child must stay within sight of the parent.


Children under the age of 3 may be in their parent’s locker room with their supervising parent, even if they are of the opposite gender from the parent.  However it is strongly recommended to use one of the family or single use changing spaces while supervising your child.


Children age 3 and above who use our facilities with their parent must use the family or single use restroom/changing rooms if they are being supervised by an opposite gender parent.


Family and single use restrooms/changing room locations at the Athletic Center.

  • Off of the Alumni pool deck in the Brown building;
  • Two on the first floor of the Braun Center off the front lobby.
  • Note- a family/single use changing room with a shower is planned for Brown Renovation

The pool and exercise equipment provide a special safety risk to children. Please watch them closely as they are exploring these resources.

  • When children 6 years of age or younger use the pool, they must have active, in the pool supervisor by their parents/guardians.  The parents/guardians must also remain in the pool at all times.
  • Older children who are non- or weak swimmers, as identified by the lifeguard staff, must also have active, in the pool, supervision by their parent/guardian, when requested by staff.
  • Children under the age of 13 may not use the cardio equipment or weight equipment.
  • Children age 13 or older may use the cardio and weight equipment AFTER taking an orientation session scheduled by the Recreation Director.


Children who are 13 or older may use the facilities independently as long as their parent/guardian remains on site at the athletic center and in touch with their child.


If you SEE something SAY something:

            If you are concerned about the safety of someone who appears to be younger than 18 using the facilities, please bring it to the attention of a member of the building or lifeguard staff or other instructional professional staff immediately.  Every member of the Caltech community who knows of, or reasonably suspects, child abuse has a personal responsibility to report it to Caltech.


You may report to the Director of Athletics at 626-395-6148.  You may report directly to Caltech Security at (626) 395-5000.  Reports can (and in the case of legally-mandated reporters, must) be made to the Pasadena Police Department (626) 744-4501 or the LA County Child Protection Hotlines (800) 540-4000.