Welcome to the home page for Caltech Intramurals!

Caltech Recreation has a passion for student and member well-being, and fosters this through intramural sports.  Intramural sports is a great way for students & members to be active, meet new people, learn new skills, and participate in sporting activities they enjoy.  Our sports are meant to foster inclusion through leagues for all levels of play.  Our Intramurals program strives to provide students and members with a variety of recreational opportunities that allow them to engage I healthy competition.  Whether you are a seasoned participant in a sport or just learning, ALL are welcome to join in the FUN!


Athletic Department organizes and operates several sports leagues throughout the year to facilitate graduate student recreation.   While they are competitive outlets, each participant is expected to display great sportsmanship, and focus on safe, enjoyable exercise.

Who Can Play?

Intramural sports are open to all currently enrolled Caltech undergrad/graduate students, faculty, staff, members and their guests. 

These games and leagues act as a community hub, with teams often consisting of students, staff, faculty and other community members.  We are primarily focused on graduate students, but understand that as a small population, it adds to the experience to allow and include other community members to participate. Other members are encouraged to play in these leagues.  Guests of members are able to join a roster and play for a fee.  League play is organized at our facilities as part of our overall prioritization of space taking into account multiple factors and programs.

Only Caltech members may participate at this time.

Non-member participants.   If a team wishes to have a non-member participant on its roster, that person will purchase a league only pass before the season for $50.  Additionally they will sign a liability waiver that applies to their participation in league play and a sportsmanship statement.  The league only pass will provide identification and access, only on the day of the league game.  If members wish to have guests for pick up or at any other time, they will use the standard process for hosting a guest at $10 per day.  Community members are welcome to play as a guest of a member.

Participants can sign up as a team or individually as a Free Agent.  A Free Agent is an individual who doesn’t have a team but still wants to participate in a league or one day tournament. 


To Register:

Go to and click on Log In, you will be directed to a page to either enter your credentials or to sign in or create a account.  Once logged in, click the link for intramurals and it will take you to the IMLeagues page to register your team and for your indivdual players to register.  All players must be registered through the intramural site and assigned to a team before being allowed to play.  Failure of a player to register with a team through the intramural site will result in not being able to play in league games.  Issues with logging in or creating an account, please email Heather



What Sports are Available?

The following sports are available at various times throughout the year either through leagues or one day tournaments.



Flag Football





What are the GSC Intramural Fees?


Team Fee $25 per team per sport. 

Individual Fee Students & Gym Members Free.


Sports clubs




Baseball (wood bat)






Ultimate Frisbee


For more information or to register for a league, please contact Heather Morgan at