Jump on the Beaver Bandwagon!

In the coming years, we aim to renovate the Scott Brown Gymnasium. This project will provide renewed and repurposed space for Caltech’s recreation, physical education, and intercollegiate athletic programs to meet the community’s evolving needs and reflect the Institute’s commitment to providing students with opportunities to excel at their science, engineering, and athletic interests.

Modernized Space

Thoughtful renovation of Brown Gym will:

• maximize available square footage
• honor a historic campus building
• reflect a student body population quickly moving toward gender balance
• support and encourage overall wellbeing of the Caltech community at large
• uphold Caltech’s reputation for excellence.

Join the Team

There are many ways to play an important role in reimagining Scott Brown Gymnasium.
Every team member counts, whether a fan, an aspiring athlete, or an MVP.  
Please keep abreast of our progress by visiting the Athletics website, where
you can see renderings of the updated Brown Gym. The reimagined
gym will breathe new life and energy into athletics at Caltech.

Renovation Lookbook


To start a conversation, please contact:
Megan Denison
(626) 395-1529


How to make an impact:


To make a gift online – visit

  1. Select Caltech Fund tab and choose Athletics as your gift designation
  2. Please use the Comment Box if you would like to direct your support to all of Caltech Athletics
    or to one or more of the enhancement funds.


To send a check payable to Caltech, please send your gift via mail to:

Betsy Mitchell
Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
California Institute of Technology
MC 1-2
Pasadena, CA 91125


Caltech is pleased to accept gifts that support program-wide Intercollegiate Athletics initiatives, in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as well as contributions that enhance our Physical Education
curriculum and our general Recreational Program serving the entire Caltech community.

To meet our programmatic goals, the department has initiated the following enhancement funds:

Athletic Teaching Technology: to provide new technologies that support the modern science and art of coaching

Special Team Travel: to enhance the student-athlete experience through regional, national and international competition

Student Recruitment: to create outreach efforts such as campus visits for our admitted student athletes, sending our coaches to academic fairs and recruitment events and improving our marketing efforts to showcase what Caltech has to offer

Facility and Equipment Enhancement: to update basic equipment such as pool lane markers and starting blocks, and provide support for facilities renovation

Physical Education Curriculum: to improve our physical education programming and curricular resources

Recreation Program: to support recreation programs and modernize shared equipment


For more information about our enhancement funds, major improvement projects, or our gift acceptance policy, please contact Betsy Mitchell, Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation, at  or 626-395-6148.