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Caltech's Hall of Honor - Homepage

Caltech Athletics Hall of Honor


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Class of 2020  
Class of 2021  

 *no class of 2022 will be inducted, as both the 2020 and 2021 classes are inducted on Oct. 22, 2022 at Homecoming

Welcome to Caltech's Hall of Honor homepage.  Below you will find links for nominations and alumni reflection pages. We also encourage you to take the time to read over our mission statement, guidelines and process information.

Over the past few seasons the Caltech Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (APER) department has built a copious amount of momentum. We look forward to inducting our second class of honorees on Alumni Seminar Weekend in May.

In Caltech's more than 100 year history, there has been a great deal of athletic success. As a staff we look forward to hearing stories of those past successes. We encourage all former student-athlete to submit some of their best memories under the "Former Student-Athlete Reflection" link. If you feel you have an individual who is worthy of nomination into the newly formed Hall of Honor, please thoroughly and accurately fill out a "Hall of Honor Nomination" form either as a PDF or electronic nomination form. You only need to complete and submit just one of the methods.

If you have any questions about the inductions process, please contact Athletic Director Betsy Mitchell.

Hall of Honor Nomination Form  PDF Electronic Form
Alumni Reflection Form PDF Electronic Form
Hall of Honor Mission, Information PDF Webpage