31 Esther Du
31 - Esther Du
Height: 5'1"
Year: FY
Hometown: Walnut, CA
High School: Troy HS
Position: G

High School:

Played basketball for all four years in high school as both a point guard and wing...CIF Division IA Finalist


Computer Science and BEM major...Wants to get a MBA after completing her Undgergrad work...Lists her hobbies as playing with her dog and playing basketball with teammate Kristin Anderson...Her favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant is her favorite player...Played for the LA Nets AAU team...Lists her parents, family, coaches, and teachers as her biggest influences...Daughter of David and Yu Mei...Has a sister named Holly

Getting to Know ...

Something about you most people would be surprised to discover? I absolutely hate mushrooms.

Describe yourself as a seven year old. A shy, little kid who liked to play sports on the playground instead of eat lunch.

What scary creatures did you think were in your bedroom as a child? Spiders and all types of creepy bugs.

What was the chore you hated doing and you loved doing as a child? Hated chore was washing dishes; loved chore was rolling the trash cans out to the curb.

If you could order the perfect birthday party this year, what would you want the theme to be?   The AVENGERS!!! =) I want to be Iron Man…I want to fly!

Why do you love math and science?  They are the most logical and straightforward subjects.

I knew I loved sports when...I could hold my own in sports against boys.

If you could choose, a past decade would you have liked to grow up in?  The Revolutionary War decade, I could witness our founding fathers fight for their freedom and even contribute to the effort.

The most difficult thing in life is learning…Patience with others.

What family member do you take after most and what trait do you share?  My aunt; we are both really optimistic.

What is your contribution to your family? I am the family joker and story teller.

What is the most outrageous thing you would do for $1,000? I would jump in a completely disgusting pool of water and swim a lap.

What is the most self-less thing you have ever done for someone? I've donated my entire paycheck to a friend who was going on a mission.

What is the one family value you believe in the most?Hard work and perseverance is key to any success.

What do you admire most about your parents? Their insistence on giving us a good education, no matter what.

What is the thing your teammates will love about you? My fun and easygoing nature.

One goal you hope to achieve this season on the court Be the energy spark for the team in every game.

How would you describe your game on the court? A fearless competitor; not afraid of body contact!

Define “Excellence” in your own words  Excellence is finding a way to overcome and achieve something above and beyond, no matter what obstacles are in your way.