22 Kate Lewis
Kate Lewis
  • Height:
  • Year:
  • Hometown:
    San Antonio, TX
  • High School:
    Ronald Reagan
  • Position:


High School:

Played Soccer (Goalkeeper) four years …Was named to the ODP Texas State Team for soccer…First Team All-District and First Team All-Region…Was named to the Academic All-State Team…Also played basketball all four years at Ronald Reagan High School…Played on two AAU teams (Westside Elite; Nike Cy-fair).


Came to Caltech to become the best engineer she could be…Lists her hobbies as baking and cooking…Favorite basketball team is the Mavericks…Lists her greatest influences as her parents  Bruce and Katherine…Has three siblings Anna, Justin, and Sara.


Getting to Know ...

1.    If time travel were possible, would you travel into the future or into the past?  Future, I would travel to the end of the world.
2.    If you could invite three people to dinner, with one being from before you were born and the other two being any point past, present or future, who would you invite? Julia Child, a vampire, and the creator of pie
3.    ?If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try???? A cake decorator??
4.    If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn? How to juggle objects on fire
5.    Describe yourself as a flavor - Spicy
6.    What animal would you be?  A  cat because they’re curious and sleep a lot
7.    What hidden talents do you have? Messing around at practice one day, I discovered I could juggle basketballs.
8.    Are you Wind, Earth, fire or water? I’m water because I like to go with the flow
9.    Always on time or always late? I’m always late and if I knew why, I’d probably be on time more often!
10.    Other than basketball, what is the most exciting sport for you to watch? Curling.  It’s really intense
11.    If you were burying a time capsule that would not be discovered for at least 100 years, what three items would you put in it to tell the future what your life was like? My Nike running shoes, a picture of my team in our basketball uniforms, and a picture of my car
12.    What do you think the greatest contribution to science has been in your lifetime? A robotic retina that helps blind people see
13.    What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of? Getting into a great college, because that was what I’ve always dreamed of.
14.    Do extraterrestrials exist?  Yes  Why do you think that?  I’m optimistic.
15.    What is your guilty pleasure that most people would be surprised to know you enjoyed? I really like brussel sprouts
16.    What is your favorite corny joke? Would you like to hear a cat joke? Just kitten
17.    What is the song you know by heart that forces you to turn up the radio whenever you hear it playing? Gucci gucci
18.    What are you looking forward to the most about being on this team?  I’m looking forward to making lifelong friends, and playing the game we love with my best friends