23 Bridget Connor
Bridget Connor
  • Height:
  • Year:
  • Hometown:
    Albuquerque, NM
  • High School:
    Albuquerque Academy
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As a Sophomore (2012-13):

Ended the season with the second highest field goal percentage on the team (.359)…Went 4-5 with eight points in 20 minutes in Caltech’s win over Bethesda Christian (12/05)…Had a season high 12 points in the final game of the year against Claremont-Mudd-Scripps on 2/18…Scored nine points (again on 4-5 shooting) on Feb. 7 against Redlands...Racked up 13 offensive boards on the season (49 total)…Dished 18 assists and nabbed seven steals throughout the year…Finished the year with 10 games with four points or more.

As a First-Year (2011-2012):

Played in 25 games while making 23 starts for the Beavers...Was 2nd on the team in rebounding and field goal percentage...Had five steals in a game against ULVW on 1/19/12...Tallied her first double-double when she had 10 points and 12 rebounds against Arizona Christian on 12/12/11...Had a career high 11 points against Whittier College on 1/12/12...Pulled down 13 rebounds against Pacific Union College on 12/18/11

High School:

Played basketball and softball in high school...Named Academic All-District two times in both softball and basketball...Named 1st team All-District two times in softball...Won the district championship during her senior year in basketball


Chemistry major...Plans on attending grad school after completing her studies at Caltech...Lists her hobbies as sports, drawing, painting, and reading...Her favorite team is the Green Bay Packers...Her most exciting research project was making more efficient solar cells this summer...Her biggest influences have been her parents, Julia and John...Has three siblings named Julia, Ellen, and John

Getting to Know ...

Describe yourself as a seven year old.

Kind of weird… but I think most people don’t really have very fond opinions of their past selves. I remember I was offended by really dumb stuff (for instance the song “grandma got run over by a reindeer”) and I was also really superstitious and paranoid. I was also obsessed with wall-ball and tether-ball and pretty much all sports.

What scary creatures did you think were in your bedroom as a child?
I guess it probably depended on what book I’d read or movie I’d watched most recently with scary stuff in it. If I’d just read Harry Potter, there was probably a dementor in my closet and if I’d just watched an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie there was probably a gunman right outside my window.
What was the chore you hated doing and you loved doing as a child?

I hated doing the dishes. I liked feeding the animals (I grew up on a farm).
Why do you love math and science?

Because they make sense. I also think that it’s math and science that can give us the ways to solve many of the world’s biggest problems.

The most difficult thing in life is learning …how to sleep on an airplane

What family member do you take after most and what trait do you share?

-My Dad. We don’t tolerate fools well.
What social event did you not want to go to, but you went and it turned out to be a lot of fun?  Why was it so fun?
Senior Prom. I didn’t want to go because I hadn’t really had much fun at school dances before but I went and it was awesome. It was a really good night of just hanging out with my friends.
What people would you want to be stuck in a life boat with and why?

A couple of Olympic rowers would be nice… they’d get us out of there right away.

What is the most outrageous thing you would do for $1,000?

-Ride into town on a pig wearing a pink tutu and break out in tap dance in the middle of the street. But you’d have to give me the pig, the tutu, and the tap shoes because I don’t have those.

What is the most self-less thing you have ever done for someone?

-I saved my mother from a stampeding savage stinking goat when I was little by distracting it to get it to go at me instead.

What would you like to learn about your family history?

-My dad’s great-great grandfather came to New Orleans from Ireland during the potato famine. The Irish who ended up in New Orleans had a lower status than slaves at that time. They were given the most dangerous jobs and diseases were rampant. At some point he and his sons moved up the Mississippi and Missouri rivers where they bought a farm. It would be interesting to know how long they spent in the terrible conditions in New Orleans and how they got the money to get out.

What is the one family value you believe in the most?

-Respect; I think it helps you in the outside world too

What trait does your sibling have that you wish you had and why?

-One of my sisters is really good with little kids. I’m feeling like a fool around little kids. I’ve got no clue what to do.

One goal you hope to achieve this season on the court

-I’d like to get better at setting goals. Goals have really helped drive me in the offseason and I think I’d really benefit on the court from getting betting at goal setting during the regular season.

Define “Excellence” in your own words

-Something of high quality achieved through effort, skill, perseverance and time