Introducing... Caltech Women's Soccer Class of 2023

Introducing... Caltech Women's Soccer Class of 2023

PASADENA (June 21, 2019) – The Caltech women's soccer team has announced its Class of 2023 incoming recruits, one which will give the third-year program unprecedented depth as the largest class of first-year players in program history.

"We expect this to be an impactful freshman class and one that can benefit our group both on and off the field," Head Coach Ellery Gould said. "From what I'm learning, everybody's ability to speak up will be important for them to find their voice as individuals, as a class and as a team, and that can only lead to more success come August."

Reeya Chenanda Eve Fine Amanda Gawlowitz Allison Glynn Logan Hayes Valerie Hetherington
Muncie, Ind. Locust Valley, N.Y. Hoover, Ala. Johnson City, Tenn.   Bozeman, Minn.
Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities Friends Academy Hoover Dobyns-Bennett   Deerfield Academy
Bella Hurvitz Catherine Kauber Anna Preus Helen Siavelis Jackie Wang  Amelia Whitworth 
Santa Barbara, Calif. Pleasantville, N.Y. Overland Park, Kan.   Mt. Prospect, Ill. Winter Park, Fla.   Carlsbad, Calif.
Santa Marcos Pleasantville  Blue Ridge North Prospect   Trinity Preparatory School  Pacific Ridge


Reeya Chenanda

Chenanda has shown early versatility in her career and an ability to play inside or outside. She is strong on both ends of the ball and will likely feature as an outside midfielder on this year's team. Lauded for her "work hard" mentality, Chenanda will be another good teammate to add to the growing roster. 

"Reeya will bring versatility and will help us as an attacking player and on the defensive end," Gould said. "Her ability to help in multiple ways will add another element to the middle of the field and ultimately help our overall depth."

Eve Fine

Fine is one of two goalkeepers set to join the Beavers this year and brings with her an exceptional high school resume that includes three all-class awards, the Senior Scholar-Athlete award and also featured on a conference championship team at Friends' Academy. Fine's quickness is a strength and she has shown herself to be a vocal leader from the back in addition to a strong distributor with the confidence needed to play the position. The New York native will likely compete for at least a share of the starting goalkeeper duties in her rookie year.

"After meeting Eve it's clear she'll bring positive energy to the team dynamic," Gould said. "Her play will elevate us and I expect her to be a strong last line of defense."

Amanda Gawlowitz

Gawlowitz primarily features as a center midfielder. She is a very technical player who is able to use her skill to keep possession and get players involved around her. Gawlowitz is a quick player with a high soccer IQ, allowing her attacking mentality to shine through in, particularly in transition. Her enthusiasm will only serve to be another asset as a player who can inspire the team around her and make an immediate impression.

"Amanda will be an impact player and provide us with an important link in the midfield," Gould said. "She is also a strong distributor going forward and will contribute to our attack in a variety of ways. It will be interesting to see what she is able to bring to the table."

Allison Glynn

Glynn is a versatile player who has been praised for her positivity. As a player who can help at both midfield and on the wing, Glynn should be able to positively affect the team dynamic shortly upon her arrival.

"Allison is another great teammate in a long line of positive, enthusiastic soccer players coming to us in this year's class," Gould said. "The 2019 season will be the deepest team Caltech has had yet and her addition will only add to that, whether she is playing on the middle or on the outside."

Logan Hayes

Hayes is another strong defensive player who can play in the back line or as a holding midfielder. Although not the most experienced player in relation to some of this year's new crop of Beavers, she brings a wealth of potential to the table, some of which could be realized quickly if she can earn an early role. As one of the most physical players in the class, her propensity to not shy away from contact could lead to an inside track for playing time.

"We're very excited for Logan to provide more depth for us in the back as a defender," Gould said. "Her enthusiasm and excitement will be contagious for the team dynamic. She is a player who can take a big leap forward with more great players around her, and when she gets to the collegiate level I think her game will improve tremendously."

Valerie Hetherington

Hetherington joins Fine as one of two incoming goalkeepers this year. Hetherington will bring a strong high school soccer background to Caltech and will help out in the back, with her ability to organize the players in front of her on set pieces being a strength of hers. Additionally, she will be another vocal leader and someone who excels in one-on-one situations. Along with Fine, Hetherington will compete for time in the net and could earn at least a share of the starting duties depending on how the situation develops.

"I spoke with Valerie recently and she is very excited and committed to come in and make a big impact with us," Gould said. "She will definitely enhance our back line and her strength as a shot-stopper could make us more fun to watch."

Bella Hurvitz

Hurvitz will contribute to the Beavers as another holding midfielder that can enhance the defense. Hurvitz brings with her a great deal of physicality and a strong foot when it comes to clearing the ball and testing the opposing goalkeeper from deep. Hurvitz is additionally strong in the air and knows how to use her head and physical presence to take up real estate in the midfield.

"We're excited to see Bella on the field and to see what impact she will be able to make with strong players around her," Gould said. "We are also looking forward to having her physical play. Along with Catherine, she will be one of the more physical additions to the team."

Catherine Kauber

Kauber will have the opportunity to be an immediate contributor to Caltech's defensive puzzle, whether that happens as a starter or as one of the first players off the bench. She has shown to be a player with physical tendencies who is strong on the ball and strong positionally. One of Kauber's greatest strengths is her play in the air, an area where she has the skill to tip momentum in the Beavers' favor. Her positive mindset and vocal leadership style falls right in line with many of the players in this class.

"Catherine will elevate our back line and help deny the attack," Gould said. "She is another player who has shown an ability to lead on the field, and I think that will help her as she makes the transition to the next level this season."

Anna Preuss

Preuss is primarily an outside player, whether it's in the back or middle of the field. She has sound defensive skills, but also an attacking mindset and is dangerous going forward thanks to her exceptional speed. 

"Anna will provide dynamic attacking on the wing using her straight-line speed and as a strong 1-on-1 defender," Gould said. "As someone who's also strong playing forward, we think she can make strong contributions immediately and keep the opposing back lines on their toes."

Helen Siavelis

Siavelis excels as a competitor and is a defender who can play every position along the back line. Her strengths are her speed and quickness, which will also allow her to take chances going forward. She is a vocal leader with a team-first mentality, which she was able to develop in her club program back in Illinois. The try-out based program only allows the top players to continue to train there, and Siavelis not only managed to stick on the team but also rise to captaincy on both her club and high school teams. On her high school team, she led a defense that set a school record with just 19 goals allowed during the regular season.

"I am very excited about what Helen can bring to the team as a player and as a person," Gould said. "She has the competitive attitude that we're looking for and is the type of player to push others around her. which often times leads to everybody taking a collective step forward."

Jackie Wang

Wang primarily plays as a center back and is another player who likely has yet to realize her full potential. She will bring with her a team-first mentality, solid intangibles skills and has plenty of room to grow on a roster not short on talented players. Wang is a determined worker with admirable focus and a strong work ethic to accompany."

"We're excited for Jackie to become a part of the program," Gould said. "We're excited to see her grow as a player and her high potential could allow her to get stronger and quicker sooner rather than later."

Amelia Whitworth

Whitworth is another defender who plays primarily outside on either side of the field. Like several of the players in this year's class, playing alongside other talented players could help her realize her potential without the pressure to make immediate contributions.

"Amelia is an extremely hard worker, who will bring enthusiasm and commitment," Gould said. "We are very excited to have her apart of the program."

Overall, this year's yield will bring a slew of defensively aware players to Caltech, which Gould believes may transform the Beavers into a more aggressive offensive soccer team in the long run after last year's impressive second season for the program.

"We want to make sure our back line and defense is very solid and sound, so that is where we'll be building from," Gould said. "There are a lot of experienced, versatile players who will be joining the team this year. It's also a major plus to have two goalkeepers coming in who are very comfortable in net. Once we sort out our backline and figure out who will be the key members, we will look to control possession and connect to what I believe will be a talented group of center midfielders. I am already impressed with how well the pieces are fitting together and if we can sort ourselves on the back line, the attacking side of things will come."




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